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Meet the Team

Our team members are not only your ultimate furbebe lover, but they are also trained on what signs to recognize if a furkid were to fall ill or get injured. They have experience in medicating and caring for furbebes with certain medical conditions. Our sitters are not only knowledgeable, but they are also loving, trustworthy, and communicative. With qualities such as that, we hope that our team is the right fit for your FURamily.



How long have I been taking care of pets?:

I have been taking care of other people's pets since 2021

What do you do on your spare time?:

I enjoy taking classes and learning new skills. I have taken a pottery, candle making, perfume making and flower arrangement classes. 

Experiences with animals:

My whole life I always had pets. I had dogs, cats, birds, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and chicks. I also grew up helping my grandparents in feeding the horses and milking cows and goats. 

Life Goals in the Future :

One of my life goals is to open up a pet friendly coffee shop. Having treats for pets and humans



Fur baby owner since 2002. Went from having a little chihuahua back then to 4 husky mixes now. Gamer when not being a corporate slave or taking care of other fur babies. 
Fun fact: Had a stray husky give birth to a litter of 9 puppies at the height of covid. Then another litter of 4 from a stray pitty mix. 

loan and disel.jpg


Loan has been surrounded by animals all her life, especially during her childhood growing up on a farm in San Antonio. She and her husband, Dzung, were professional photographers, but decided to settle down and live the retirement life. She is not only a mother to two amazing sons, but she is also a proud owner of a pitbull name Diesel. When Loan and Dzung are not taking care of FURamily members, they enjoy spending time on the beach, power paragliding, gardening, and cooking. She is sweet and loving to all furkids alike, no matter the age, breed, or species. Loan (and Dzung) will be loving on your furkid as if they were their own human children.



Hey there! I'm Glenda, your ultimate pet-loving, cuddle-expert, and playtime enthusiast! 🐾
Being surrounded by pit bulls and elderly dogs as the first pets I ever lived with, my heart was forever stolen by their gentle souls and unwavering loyalty. That's why when Inky, my staffy mix, wiggled his way into my life just before the pandemic, it was like destiny wrapped in a wagging tail. He's not just my emotional support dog; he's my constant companion, the one who knows just how to make every day brighter with his sweet and chill demeanor.
And then there's Yuna, the energetic Australian Shepherd who joined our family a couple of years later, along with her equally awesome human. 
Life took on a whole new level of fun and adventure with her by my side, keeping me on my toes with her sassy attitude and protective nature.
When I'm not snuggled up with Inky or chasing after Yuna, you'll likely find me on the court, perfecting my tennis and pickleball skills. 🎾🐶
And despite not having a huge sweet tooth, I love dabbling in baking. There’s something magical about whipping up homemade treats to share with friends and family.
So whether your fur baby needs a cozy cuddle session, a spirited playdate, or just someone to keep them company while you're away, I'm here to make sure they feel loved, cherished, and right at home. Let's make memories together, one wag and purr at a time! 🐾✨

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