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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know


Do you take emergency or “last-minute” bookings? How do cancellations work?

For last minute bookings, we ask that you provide us a minimum of 2-hours notice. This will allow us to review our current bookings for the day and to ensure that we will have the time to care for your fur baby, but also care for other pet parents and their fur baby.
As for cancellations, we understand that life happens! If you need to cancel for any reason, we ask that you please contact the FUReedom Living Team as soon as possible.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

While under the care and supervision of FUReedom Living, we will be more than happy to provide taxi service. If your pet falls ill or is in need of a medical emergency, we will be able to transport them to the nearest vet or to a veterinary office of your choice. We not only limit to vets, but we can also transport your fur baby to airports, groomers, or even spend a day in the park. All transportation and taxi service will have an additional fee starting at $20.

Does your team only care for cats and dogs?

No, we care for a variety of other pets! Whether they have fins, feathers, or even scales, we will be more than happy to love and care for them. As long as the pet parent can provide written instructions and/or demonstrate any specific needs for their “exotic” pet, then we will cater to any species of pet. We so far have cared for rabbits, ducks, goats, parrots, pigs, rodents, and some reptiles.

What forms of payments do you accept?

• Cash
• Zelle— 346-256-4426 (account name FUREEDOM LIVING)
• Check— written out to: FUREEDOM LIVING PET SITTING
• Venmo— 346-256-4427 (@fureedom-living)
• Credit card via by Square POS

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